A5 screenplays. Because everybody has got an iPad.

So, basically, this is how you can turn an Final Draft A4 screenplay into an A5 PDF. It works on Final Draft 7. God knows if it works on other versions. It’s not as if I’m being paid for this.

And if it naffs up your script, I’m not taking the rap for it. Put a copy in a safe place first, that’s my advice.

Oh, and you’ll need Adobe Acrobat. The full version, not the Reader.


1) Go to Format > Elements…

Change the Paragraph settings for the following elements:

General/ Scene Heading/ Action
L: 1.50″
R: 6.50″

L: 2.50″
R: 6.00″

L: 3.38″
R: 6.50″

L: 4.50″
R: 6.50″

L: 3.00″
R: 6.00″

2) Go to Format > Font…

Change the font to 11pt Courier Final Draft.

3) Go to Document > Page Layout..

Change the Text Margins to:
Top: 1.00″
Bottom: 3.00″

Change the Footer margin

4) Go to Document > Header and Footer…

Delete the page number from the header.

Add the page number to the footer.

Set the right margin to 6.50″ (you need to do this on the ruler).

5) Go to Mores & Continueds…

Change the font to 11pt Courier Final Draft.

6) Save the document as an A4 PDF.


1) Open the PDF.

2) Go to Document > Crop Pages…

Click on Page Range: All.

Change the margins to:

Top: 0.5″
Bottom: 2″
Left: 0.625″
Right: 1″

Click on OK.

3) Save the document.

Now you have an A5 version of your script.


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