My Second Book

I ALWAYS find it a bit odd that I don’t like black tea, and I don’t like milk, but if I add a small amount – a snid – of milk to black tea, then I like it. That makes absolutely no sense. How can adding a thing I don’t like to another thing I don’t like make something that I like?

Anyway, that’s all besides the point. I have released a second volume of my weekly columns, a sequel, if you will, to my best-selling first book, The Man With The Complicated Voucher.*

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It is called A Snid Of Milk, and it is available in two formats, both of them varieties of book. The first variety is a printed book on paper, available for £7.95 plus P&P from Lulu, the vanity publishing outfit. To buy it, click on here—> HERE.

The second variety is a virtual book, which people who own Kindles can access and, ideally, read. This one costs £3.83, for complicated reasons. People might wonder why it is less expensive than the printed version. The reason is that it is not printed on paper. To buy it, click on here—> HERE, or HERE if you don’t live in the United Kingdom, which is most people in the world.

Here are a few things that people have said about this book and my last book, but mostly about my last book, to be honest…

‘Recommended: Gary Bainbridge’s collection of funny, beautifully written essays on the tiny annoyances of modern life.’ – ANDY STANTON, award-winning author of the best-selling Mr Gum children’s books.

‘Very funny’ – MINNIE DRIVER, actor off of the films

‘The cover looks a bit Microsoft Publisher/clip-arty. Can’t you use a different picture?’ – LAUREN GEISLER, Cosmopolitan Magazine blog award winner

‘He’s a columnist for a paper in Liverpool’ – DAVE GORMAN, comedian off of the television.


Please buy it. It’s good.

* Best-selling book I’ve written.

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