What Personality Type Are You?

1) Which act performed the best song called The Power Of Love?
a) Jennifer Rush
b) Huey Lewis And The News
c) Frankie Goes To Hollywood

2) If somebody uses the word “text” as a verb in the past tense what do you do?
a) Nothing
b) Nothing
c) Get a bit annoyed

3) What is your favourite sandwich filling?
a) Cheese
b) Ham
c) Cheese or ham

4) What is your favourite animal?
a) Oyster
b) Snake
c) Battle Cat

5) What was your favourite television programme in the 80s?
a) The A-Team
b) The B-Team
c) The C-Team

6) What is your favourite shade of red?
a) Crimson
b) #DA2C43
c) Carmine

7) Do you like sand?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Not really

8) What is your favourite flavour of Fanta?
a) Fruit twist
b) Orange
c) The other one

9) What is your favourite letter?
a) B
b) A
c) C

What your answers mean
Mostly As: You’re lazy. You can’t even be bothered to read a list of three items. I bet you don’t even get up to go to the toilet. You disgust me.
Mostly Bs: Don’t know. Could mean anything. I’m not a psychologist, I am just making educated guesses for all of this, and frankly I’m stumped.
Mostly Cs: You don’t like to miss out. Or you like the letter C. It might even be your favourite letter out of A, B and C. I genuinely can’t believe you’ve read this far. Have you really got nothing better to do?
A mixture of As, Bs, and Cs: You take these things far too seriously.

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