Friday Chairs

It is Friday. I asked people on Twitter to post pictures of their chairs. I don’t think any more explanation is necessary.


The chairs belong to, in order, @anfo_, @arprice, @davverplatt, @DebsFurness, @faeriecupcakes, @frizzychick, me, @gibbzer, @GreatCollapso, @jacrats, @JimTheSG, @JonBloor, @KatyShuroo, @kel2708, @KerrySmith09, @liese2711, @LittleHen33, @mandibles57, @marcpaterson, @MarianneLevy, @miche, @Mike_Rawlins, @MissFernweh, @moreMargot_more, @nellbelleandme, @Omnibusologist, @Orange_Monkey, @peregr1n, @serialfrenchies, @talktoteens, and @teflongrl.

And the winner is @JimTheSG, who did this one.


If Jim would like to email me a picture of the chair without its occupant, I will, by the magic of computers, place @CheerfulSheep upon it.

Thank you for your attention.

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