Friday Sunglasses

I suggested on Twitter that people might send me pictures of their sunglasses, it being unseasonably warm. People did.


I like all of the pictures so in a way they are all winners. But in another way there can only be one winner. And that is the way in which I look at things, so sorry all those who did not win.

@Omnibusologist’s picture of a dog’s bottom was very good, but my eagle eye spotted that they were not really his sunglasses, so he does not win.

There were several pictures of adult sunglasses on the faces of children. All those children are smashing; well done, parents, your efforts in the marital bed have not gone unrewarded.

There were several pictures of adult sunglasses on the faces of soft toys. All those soft toys are smashing; well done, owners of soft toys, your efforts NOT TO BLOODY GROW UP AND NOT HAVE SOFT TOYS have not gone unrewarded. I particularly liked @Ooopsydaisy’s Flat Eric pose.

But the winner is @KetherBound, whose sunglasses, accompanied by his many facial piercings, made him look like some sort of steampunk character drawn by Kev O’Neill.


Well done, @KetherBound. I will furnish you with some prize or other.

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