Friday Stairs

I let people on Twitter vote on whether they should send me pictures of their landline phones (suggested by @orange_monkey) or pictures of their stairs (@MerseyMal). People overwhelmingly voted for stairs, stairs being quite popular.

So I allowed people to send me pictures of their stairs. And here they are.


Stairs were provided by @__mice, @AlannaPajama, @AndrewStuart, @ap279, @arprice, @artfulbooks, @brooka_shade, @cartoonsbyRic, @corrie_corfield, @DebsFurness, @Feisty_Onion, @fionalaird, @FrankieMcGinty, @frizzychick, @gerrymulvenna, @glamlovinkitty, @Jem73, @joecraiguk, @KateBielby, @KatyShuroo, @Kel2708, @KetherBound, @macington, @MarianneLevy, @markhughes1967, @MerseyMal, @miche, @MicheRobinson, @MsAlliance, @mtrh, @NinjaWorrier, @NortyLiz, @peacockpete, @PopupGardener, @QuintinForbes, @RachSum, @richhale, @robstickler, @rosebiggin, @Sheppitsgal, @stephjl, @SuQ10, @thecatsdaughter, @titianred and @WeeChrissieB.

They are all very good. I particularly liked @artfulbooks’s Escher-like staircase and @corrie_corfield’s artist’s model. @MarianneLevy gets a special mention for being first, and @markhughes1967 for giving me a picture of stairs I actually run up every day.

But the winner is this one from @NinjaWorrier, because I would be able to have paper helicopter races from the landing.


I have nothing more to say on the subject.


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